Friday, February 17, 2012

Working with foggy images and creating beutiful Texture Blend Photography

Hello, Everyone. Welcome to my Tutorial Friday :). Every week I post a step by step explanation on how some of my Texture Blend Photographs were created. This week I'm going to show you how to work with an image that has limited visibility due to fogy or misty conditions.

let's get started. I love the composition and that beautiful framing created by the tree branches, but the quality of the image isn't that good. So, I decided to use textures, in order to cover some of the weaknesses caused by the weather conditions. This is the original image, straight from the camera:

First thing I did was to adjust the levels, as shown:



Here is the image after this simple correction was done:

The image looks much better now, but still feels somewhat flat, so I corrected the colors in order to bring more detail and depth to the picture:

Now we have one much better looking image.

It's time to add some textures, in order to bring some drama to the image. More info on the textures I used, can be found in one of my previous tutorials

The first one I used with Color Burn blending option:

Here is the image after first texture applied:

With this texture I got pretty close to the dramatic look I was aiming for, but I still needed to frame the image in a way that brings the attention right to the center of the scene. So, I used another texture as a vignette with Luminosity blending option applied:

My goal was to add some more blue around the edges of the image, so I used the texture with this particular blending option, but the blue color seemed a bit too much:

To minimize the intensity of the color, I just switched the order of the textures. Of course you can play around with the different options until you get to a point you like. This is what worked for me in this case. What you need to remember is that the order of the layers is extremely important when working with texture blending

And this is the Final look of the work "Alone":

Thank you very much for stopping by and reading this tutorial. If you like my work and if you are willing to spend a few bucks you can be the proud owner of the above piece :-) HERE. Have a great Weekend! See you next week :)

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