Friday, March 2, 2012

Creating a dramatic looking image with the use of textures

Happy Friday...It's time again for one of the "How's made" tutorial, focused on working with textures. This time I'll show you how to add some drama to an image by using textures and layers blending...

This time I won't start as usual with only one original image, but three. The base photo for this work is actually HDR photograph, meaning multiple exposures, which helped pretty much for showing some detail on the sky and the clouds, kinda that 3D look of the image...So, here they are:

Here is the image after blending the three exposures:

Next is the color correction (Levels, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance):

The image after corrections were applied:

Now, it's time to add some drama to the image by addiing textures. There are a lot of free textures that can be found on the net. Most of the time the only requirement, in order to download them, is to subscribe for the owners newsletters or leave them a feedback or comment on their post. can create your own textures, if you prefer so. I used two, and here is the first one with Color Burn blending option:

Here is how the image looks after:

It was an interesting looking image, but I wasn't that crazy about the yellowish color, so I decided to duplicate the background image and moved it to the top position on the layer panel and gave it Saturation blending mode:

Next step was using another texture to add some drama to the sky. I positioned the texture between the copy of the background layer and the texture 1...just like that: is the texture with Color Burn blending option:

...and here is the image after texture applied:

I like the drama on the sky, but the lower part of the image was a bit over the top. I used the Eraser Tool with 100% Opacity and deleted the lower part of the texture, so I made the boats and those puffy clouds (as you remember I used multiple exposures to bring that 3D like effect) visible.

Here is the final result:

Thank you very much for stopping by and reading this. Your comments will be very much appreciated, so please don't hesitate to leave some :). If you like my work you can find more HERE

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